25 01 2012

Finally i’m finished watch this 20 episode’s drama…what i can say..superbbbbbb..i really love the character of  Soo Ae as Yoon Hye In in this drama..

She’s is a scary black agent behind her soft-looking face…No one would expect that she was one of the best and skillful agent who completed field assignment alone..

For those who love action drama with romance..This is a MUST watch drama…with 17.6 million (US Dollar) cost of production, surely u won’t frustrated with the result…


Deep Rotted Tree – a MUST see historical korean drama

24 01 2012

Last night, i’m juz 4 episode away from the finale…and i can’t wait patiently to have next episode tonight and next week..finally finish watching it @5.00 am after sacrifice my bedtime last nite…