New ‘Boyfriend’

25 01 2012

[my workstation]

Back then when i’m working at College PTPL Sarawak, i’ve considered myself  ‘married’  with my career. Spend more than 12 hours everyday even on public holiday which slowly jeopardized myself…Hardly to find myself spend my weekend peacefully.. After 4 years spend and commit with this ‘relationship’, I’ve made my mind it’s time for me to make ‘3-point’ turning in my life..looking for new ‘boyfriend’…

Now, it’s my 6th month since i’ve met this new ‘boyfriend’..i love ‘him’ and love being here..i’ve enjoy myself and career more than before..I’ve been given more opportunity to optimized myself in a good and enjoyable way..

Somehow..i’m so thankful for all the experience that i’ve gain from my ‘ex-husband’…and very much thankful for my new ‘family’ which accept me here with open heart and big smile…(^o^)/’





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